As many of you know, today is Cyber Monday!  For companies such as Amazon, today is its biggest order day of the year.

Due to demand of consumers, Amazon has had to prepare an army of 15,000 robots. According to statistics taken during the year of 2013, Amazon customers ordered more than 36.8 million items worldwide. That is a new record-breaking 426 items per second! This year, Amazon expects to surpass that.

In order to handle this large mass of incoming orders, the company is having to launch its robotic fulfillment system- purchased in 2012 and tested in 2013. The robots, or Kiva System, was purchased for $775 million. These robots are “one part of a complex software and hardware system that simplifies picking and packing at warehouses that can contain literally millions of items.”

The robots are quite fascinating. “They’re brought on the backs of bright-orange Kiva robots that look a little like flattened pet carriers on wheels. The Kiva robots bring the entire 7-foot shelving unit the needed item is on.”


“This shopping season, they will traverse the floors of 10 mammoth Amazon fulfillment centers in California, Florida, New Jersey, Texas and Washington state.”

Through having these robots, Amazon packing production not only increases but the amount of inventory which they can hold doubles because the Kiva units require smaller lanes to move around.

“This dramatically increases what’s available locally, because we can get so much more inventory into one space,” Clark said.

In having the new Kiva System, Amazon is now able to meet the demand which this holiday season is bringing- and get you your gifts on time!

Sited information from and more on the matter:

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