Study Apps for Success

Exam! Quiz! Final! Report! GO GO GO!!!

If this is your life right now, you need to take a look at these apps. They’ll help you stay organized and study productively to get through your next big assignment or test.


Quizlet is a great app to let you self-test yourself. You can create flashcards and quizzes, as well as look at those created by other users of the app.


Similar to Quizlet, StudyBlue lets you create sets of flashcards, and it also allows you to create class notes. The best thing about StudyBlue, is that you can use it to connect with other students in your class so you can all share the tools you’ve made.


If you’re in a foreign language class, Duolingo might be the app for you. It’s full of education games with a points system to keep you motivated and playing, completing lessons until you’ve mastered the language of your choice.


Want something a bit simpler? Flashcards+ is practical and easy to use. With this app, you can create decks of flashcards and easily review and edit them later.


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