Tech Skills Employers Look For

Technology is EVERYWHERE! I’m sure you’ve heard that a million times before, but it’s true. It has quickly become part of almost every job field and industry out there right now. Even if you’re not planning to go into a technology field, employers will still like to see that you have skills involving computers that you can use at their company.

Here are some of the top computer skills employers look for in potential employees:

1. Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and more are huge places for companies to advertise and reach out to their consumers. Very few companies don’t have a web presence in this age, and employers will be interested to know how you can help expand their visibility online.


HTML is the coding language that is used to make web pages.

Coding??? That’s not something I know how to do! It sounds really hard.

Fear not angel! Meredith offers CS 156 – Web Design and Development every semester and during the summer. It’ll teach you how to design and program a website, and it fulfills the math/science elective for general education!

3. Microsoft Excel

Sure, everyone puts “Microsoft Office Proficient” on their resume, but most employers already assume that a recent college graduate will know how to use Word and PowerPoint. To stand out, let them know that you know more than the basics. Aren’t quite comfortable enough with spreadsheets to list this on your resume? Take CS 120 and 121, Spreadsheets I & II. These 1 credit-hour classes are only 1/3 of the semester and will give you a very useful skill for a lot of fields!

4. Software relevant to your field

Ok, so this is a catch-all, but it’s true! Do a little research and you’ll probably be surprised what technology is often used in the job you want. Want to be an accountant? Get trained in all the most common accounting software programs including QuickBooks. Are you an artist? Expand your skill set by learning how to use Adobe Photoshop and other software for creating graphic designs.


When you apply for a job, always remember to only put things that are relevant and true on your resume. Listing skills that do not pertain to the job you’re applying for just take up real estate. Also, even though technology is important, if you’re not comfortable with a program don’t list it just because you think you must. You can learn about a lot of these skills on Atomic Learning, and be able to mention in your interview that you know a little and can be trained.

Good luck angels, and happy job hunting!

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