Tech to Get Around Town!

Hello Angels!

We are so lucky to live in a city like Raleigh – there is so much to do! The fair, the museums, the shops, the history, the theaters, there’s just so many opportunities out there! But how will you get there? You could drive, but where will you park? You could bum a ride off a friend, but no one really wants to do that. Instead, check out these apps that will help you get around Raleigh on your own!

1. TransLoc

Raleigh has several bus systems available, including the Wolf Line, CAT, and the Triangle Transit. This app allows you to view routes and schedules in real time, and see how far a bus is from your stop! The Wolf Line is free to the public, Meredith student can ride CAT for free with a pass from Human Resources in 1st Cate, and Triangle Transit rides are $2 or $2.50 for express lines.

2. Zipcar

Don’t like the bus? Rent a Zipcar! Meredith has two right on campus by Barefoot Hall. You must have a driver’s license and insurance to rent a Zipcar, and it does cost some money. This app will also find other Zipcar stations, so you can grab and go wherever you are!

3. Green Taxi

Bus too crowded, but you don’t want to drive? Do it the old fashioned way – rent a taxi! Green Taxi, one of Raleigh’s many taxi companies, has their own mobile app! It lets you request a taxi to come and pick you up wherever you are in Raleigh, especially helpful to avoid getting stranded somewhere!


Alright Angels, have fun! Remember – stay safe, travel in pairs, and make sure a friend knows where you’re going!


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