Selfie Photo Editing Apps!

Hello Angels! We know how much you love taking selfies! (Or artsy pictures, or silly pictures, don’t lie we know it’s taking up most of your phone’s memory!)

If you’re taking all those pictures and not doing anything with them, you’re missing out! Check out these free photo editing apps to have a little more fun. To help with this post, our lovely beaver friend has agreed to model:


1. Aviary

Aviary is a nice editing app with a lot of the features you would expect it to have. You can add filters, stickers, and frames of course, but you can also adjust the focus, add text, draw on the pictures, and even use the “splash” feature to pick one color to keep while the rest is greyscale!

Mr. Beaver is here showing off Aviary’s focus feature, a sticker, and the “splash” feature we mentioned before. Isn’t he sweet?


2. PhotoWonder

This might be the silliest app we have on this list. PhotoWonder can be used a lot like photoshop to lengthen your legs, clean up blemishes, and add makeup including contact lenses. However, the rest of the app’s features are hard to use seriously. It has a range of funny stickers including cheese and devil horns, and some silly effects and frames.

Oh Mr. Beaver! What beautiful eyes you have! Here we see him in makeup, with a fun effect and frame. He also had some slight bodywork done, see if you can tell the difference!


3. PopAGraph

This is my personal favorite of all the apps on the list today. It has much of the standard stuff such as frames, effects, and text, but it has one really unique feature. PopAGraph allows you to select part of the photograph to “lift” and bring to the foreground of your picture, and you can add effects separately from the background!

Mr. Beaver was, of course, chosen to be “lifted” from the rest of the picture, and had a sepia effect placed on him. The background of the picture was placed under another effect with a frame, from which Mr. Beaver pops out! It’s a really neat effect that could be used for so many things.


That’s it for now! We hope you can use some of these apps to make your landscape photographs even more beautiful. Or just to put a sunglasses sticker on your selfie, we don’t judge.

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