The Smart Seat Cushion

On Sunday, Digital Trends revealed an exciting new invention which may come in handy to the students and faculty of Meredith! Sadly, the new device cannot be purchased yet but certainly acquires features to anticipate its release. Over the past couple of years, Palo Alto-based startup Darma Inc. has been in the process of creating a small cushion that sits between you and your desk chair. The cushion’s purpose is to monitor your position, posture, heart rate, respiration rate, and movement. In doing this, it can discern between when you’re slouching or postured, as well as, when you are calm or stressed out. Upon discovery of your position and mood, the cushion is able to send notifications to your phone of suggested methods to improve. This could come in handy to those of us that spend hours in front of computer screens doing homework, in class, or faculty members who sit at their desk for long periods of time. Stay poised and healthy, Meredith!

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