My Study Life

Today, I am about to make your College life simpler than ever before. College can be a time of severe stress, anxiety and panic. However, such a life can be made easier by just organizing your 1 billion items of to-do’s into a tidy system called: scheduling.  But, not many of us can organize and schedule like master pros. That is why we need apps. One app, out of the many apps available, is called “My Study Life.”

My Study Life is a FREE app designed to make your college life easier than ever before. You can access this app from your computer, from your phone, or any tablet that you have available. Once you put an item into any of these devices, you can access that information in all of the devices.

This is the homepage: you can get started here. Follow this URL:


So, here is how it works. Once you log into your account you have many options to choose from. You can:

1. Insert your class schedule and manage your classes

2. Put in your homework assignments and tasks for each class

3. Put in important exam dates and times

4. Be notified by the app when you have assignments coming up.

Now, get rid of all the paper planners because you can access everything from all of the devices listed below.


Here are a few images for you so you can see how the app looks



All you have to do to get started is follow this link:

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