Rumor Roundabouts — The Iphone 6

As you all know, or at least Mega-Apple fans know, the iPhone 6 is scheduled to have it’s debut/release date on the supposed date of September 19th. There are many rumors as to what the iPhone 6 will look like and what is projected for its future. To narrow down the several rumors, we are going to list some of the changes and possibilities that might be associated with the iPhone 6.

1. A hardware redesign. Based on what we know, Apple continually changes its hardware, its exterior, and/or its outer look. Which means, we should have a newer design coming with the iPhone 6. Many speculate that the iPhone 6 will have a “Sapphire Crystal” front screen. This is said to be the hardest, and most durable screen than Apple has ever made; thus, making it  harder to scratch and/or break.

Watch this video for a demonstration on how hard it is to break the rumored iPhone 6 screen:

2. Two sets of iPhone 6’s — two different sized screens. There is also a report that the iPhone 6 will have a choice of two screen sets. A. 4.7 inch version and B. 5.5 inch version. The 5.5 inch version may not come out until a later date, but other unidentifiable sources says that it might. However, the new screens, and the new sizes also comes with a thinner model. Check this video to compare older iPhones to the iPhone 6.

Keep in touch for more iPhone 6 rumor roundabouts.


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