How-To: Change Your Net Password

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for: Net IDs have arrived! That’s right, as of April 16th, your username and password for WebAdvisor, MyMeredith, the Copy Center, Elucian Go, and Course Eval are one and the same, and are known as your Net ID and Net password.

Your Net ID is the first part of your Meredith email address. Your Net ID password was either set by you earlier in WebAdvisor, or emailed to you in April by Tech Services. If you did not set your password and did not receive an email, come by the help desk with your camcard.

So, now that you have your Net password, how do you manage it? What if you want to change it? What if you completely forget what it is? Go to:!

jvfvfykyukHere you can reset your password if you have forgotten it or just change it to something new! Click the first button if you need to reset your password, and the bottom if you know your password and just want to manage.


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