I’m an Employee – What Should I Do on April 16th?

We’ve talked a lot about what students should expect on April 16th, but what about employees? Will they be affected at all? The answer – yes!

NetIDs and Net Passwords will go into effect for all employees on April 16th. Accounts affected will include Web Advisor, MyMeredith/Blackboard, and Course Eval. Here is a quick look at which accounts will use which logins:


NetID and Net password:

  • Meredith Gmail – gmail.meredith.edu
  • Web Advisor – advisor.meredith.edu
  • MyMeredith/Blackboard – my.meredith.edu/courses.meredith.edu
  • VPN – Installed on computer
  • Informer – informer.meredith.edu
  • Course Eval – evals.meredith.edu
  • Copy Center – copyshop.meredith.edu
  • Ellucian Go! – Mobile app
  • Change NetID Password – netid.meredith.edu

NetID and password set by user:

  • Datatel Colleague – produi.meredith.edu

Email address and password set by user:

  • ManageMyID – managemyid.meredith.edu


Don’t think you know your NetID info? You do! Your NetID is the portion before the @ in your Meredith email, and you are currently using your Net Password for email, Informer, and VPN. If you have issues or still do not know your NetID login information, come to the helpdesk with a photo ID.


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