Getting Started with Ellucian Go

So you’ve heard about Ellucian Go, the new and fantastic app that lets you have quick access to a variety of campus info like gym hours, office phone numbers, and your personal class schedule. Of course you want it, but how do you get it? Follow this simple guide to download the app and get connected with Meredith College!

Step 1: Download

Ellucian Go is available on Androids, Apple devices, and the Kindle Fire. Just go to your respective app store or marketplace, and search for “Ellucian Go”. The app is free, so just download and install!


Step 2: Link to Meredith College

Ellucian Go is used by many colleges and universities, and when you first load the app you will have the option of choosing one from the available list. Simply search for ‘Meredith College’ to narrow it down.


Step 3: Login

You do not have to login to use most features on Ellucian Go, but you will not be able to access personal information such as your class schedule or check your registration holds until you do so. Use your WebAdvisor information to login; if you cannot remember your WebAdvisor password, you can reset it yourself at .



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