Introducing Ellucian Go!

Ellucian Go is a great app to help you stay connected to Meredith! It is full of information to help you stay up-to-date with the latest events, keep track of your class schedule, look up important contact information around campus, and much more.

Campus Info

Keeping up with campus while juggling everything else in our lives can be hard. Ellucian Go makes it easy with quick access to event information like campus news and athletic schedules. Have you ever trecked to the fitness center just to find out it’s closed? Stay in control by using Ellucian Go to look up hours for the fitness center, pool, and library, as well as the menu for BDH, right from your mobile device.

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Important Contact Info

The only extension most people at Meredith have memorized is 8888, but sometimes you may need to call Accounting, or email the Registrar. Ellucian Go has contact information for departments all over campus!


Campus Map

An especially useful feature on Ellucian Go for new students or visitors is the campus map. This GPS enabled map shows an aerial view of campus with each building tagged and named. You can search for a location, get directions, and even see a picture of the front of the building by tapping its name.


Meredith on Social Media

Do you just love Meredith’s Going Strong commercial? We certainly do! Find it again and much more with Ellucian Go’s quick access links to Meredith on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.


Personal WebAdvisor Info

While a login is not required to use Ellucian Go, logging in with your WebAdvisor information will enable you to view your transcript grades, any registration holds, and your daily class schedule.


Ellucian Go is available for Apple devices, Androids, and Kindle Fire. Having trouble getting started? Check out this blog post to learn how to get the app set up for Meredith College.



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