The Best of the Meredith Website

Meredith’s new website premiered several months ago, but if you haven’t explored it yet you may not have discovered some of its most useful features. These pages are designed to help you stay connected and up-to-date with campus, and all Meredith students need to be familiar with these important online resources!

What’s Happening?

Most know about Enews, the page where clubs, departments, campus offices and more can post announcements focused towards students, but have you visited News & Events or the Meredith College Calendar? News & Events lists all sorts of college news such as speakers and school delays, and the Calendar provides daily, weekly, and monthly lists of important dates, campus events, and sports schedules!


Have you ever needed to talk to a professor but didn’t have their email address or office phone number? By looking them up in the Faculty & Staff Directory, you can find all the information you need to contact them, and even view their profile to learn more about them.

Meredith A-Z

So now you know how to contact your professors, but what about the offices on campus? What do you do if you haven’t memorized the phone numbers for ACP or Health Services? Look in Meredith A-Z! This lists all the Meredith academic and administrative offices with their phone number and a link to their webpage.

Computer Lab Hours

Did you know there are multiple computer labs on campus open to students and faculty? They have plenty of computers with programs such as Word and Excel, and a printer available for use with your CamCard. Visit the Computer Lab page for more information on their locations and open hours.

Learning Center

Everyone needs the Learning Center, whether for help with an assignment, extra teaching time, or just for help cramming for that final exam! The Learning Center webpage gives information on where to go, how to make appointments, and even how to become a tutor yourself.


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