Tech Tips: Some Common Computer Problems and How to Solve Them

    Before going out and using your money to fix a computer problem, you should first try fixing it on your own. By doing this, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars in expenses and all the time needed to fix a computer at a repair shop. You may need to get help in the end, but first let’s talk about a few common issues that you may be able to resolve at home!

1. Computer won’t turn on.

    A PC that won’t turn on is very common problem, and the first thing you should do is not panic. I know you are probably thinking you have lost ALL your files, but the truth is if the problem isn’t your hard drive, which it usually isn’t, then it’s probably safe to say that your files are fine!

    First, check to make sure your computer is plugged into a working outlet. If you are using a power strip or surge protector, make sure that is also plugged in and functioning. Check to see if certain parts of the computer turn on individually. For example, if you see lights turn on in your main computer but nothing comes up on screen, you may just have a faulty monitor. If you can figure out which piece of the computer is not working, it is easy to get a replacement.

2. Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

        A Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), technically called a STOP error, occurs when Windows suffers a serious error and is forced to “stop” completely. A blue screen error gives you no choice but to restart, making troubleshooting difficult. Thankfully, every STOP error includes a STOP code which can be used to find an answer to your problem. Usually, BSODs are nothing to worry about the first time around. However, if you see them frequently, you may have a serious problem.

3. “404” / “Page Not Found” Error

A 404 error means that whatever page you tried to reach on the Internet isn’t there. Most often, you tried to go to a URL and accidentally made a typing error. Other times, you just have a faulty internet connection and should check the WiFi symbol on your monitor to see if you’re still connected!

You can solve many computer problems yourself with a little effort and the help of Google. However, you should never try to repair your physical hardware without proper training, and be very careful when deleting files – that program you think is a virus may actually be something your computer needs to function! When in doubt, play it safe and go to a professional.

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