Can’t Find Your Classmates?

Hey Meredith students! It seems to be a problem that on that first day of class you sit down, listen to the lecture, and then you leave not knowing hardly any one in the classroom. Then, you have an assignment due for next class and you have no idea what to do because you don’t know any one.

Well there are simple ways to find out who your classmates are and get in touch with them if you didn’t get their contact info.

Find them on Blackboard 

  1. Click on a course
  2. Go to the ‘Tools’ tab to the left side of the screen
  3. Click on ‘Roster’
  4. Then type in a name, letter etc. to get the list of names of people in that class.

Accessing the Student Directory from Enews: 

  1. Click on ‘Current Students’
  2. Once there, click on the ‘People’ icon.
  3. It’ll direct you to a page where you can search the ‘Faculty & Staff Directory’
  4. Below that search box is the ‘Student Directory.’
  5. Click on that and it’ll first ask for the password and username:
  6. For password and username go to the Meredith Help Desk.
  7. After signing in, you will be within the directory and can see all students names along with their email, class affiliation, birthday, address at school/address from home, and their advisor.

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