Kickstarter Spotlight

On the lookout for the latest thing? Want to have the cool gadgets first? Check out these Kickstarters ending soon!

Kickstarter is a crowd-funding website that allows small-time inventors, artists, authors, etc. to raise money for their latest project. The money comes from consumers like you who donate a certain amount in exchange for a reward after the project succeeds. The reward can be anything from a thank you email to a vacation depending on how much you give! Read more about Kickstarter here.

iBean and iTagua

End date: February 20, 2014

Putting a new spin on portable music players, iBean and iTagua are crafted out of real beans! Using a mini-USB cable, you can connect to your PC or MAC to upload music, then play your favorite tracks on shuffle. Super cute and stylish, each bean is unique and the control panel comes in many colors. Currently, all iBeans and iTaguas are 4GB.

iBean and iTagua

iBean Kickstarter Image – Jim Campbell

SmartWallit Pro

End date: March 16, 2014

Quick, where is your wallet right now? Half of you probably looked around confused for a minute before you found it. You need this product. Still looking? You needed this product yesterday.

SmartWallit is a device you can slide into a credit card slot in your wallet that interacts with your smartphone. Walk off without your wallet? Your phone will remind you. Trying to find your wallet in a messy room? A quick visit to the app and SmartWallit will start vibrating and chirping to let you know where it is. SmartWallit can also be tracked with GPS and will alert you on your phone when your wallet has been opened. But don’t worry, if you’re in class or a meeting you can set SmartWallit to “No Disturb Mode” so you can walk up to give your presentation without it making a fuss!

SmartWallit Pro

SmartWallit Pro Kickstarter Image – SmartWallit Inc.


End date: February 1, 2014

Every college student has trouble managing their energy levels. We pull all-nighters and then inhale caffeine to stay awake the next day. Sometimes though it just isn’t enough, and we start to nod off when we should be alert. Vigo is an energy gause that can tell how alert you are based on things like your eye blinks. When you start to fall asleep, Vigo can give you a little nudge. Or phone notification. Or, if you’re hard to rouse, you can have Vigo tell your phone to wake you up with a blast of music!

In theory, you could just hire someone to sit next to you in class and shake you awake whenever you doze off. However, personal assistants are expensive, and Vigo does do something they can’t. Vigo keeps lots of records of your energy levels throughout the day, and can give you recommendations on when to take a break, grab a coffee, or maybe move around some to gain alertness. Need one more reason to buy Vigo? It’s also a bluetooth headset.


Vigo Kickstarter Image – Jason Gui


End date: February 5, 2014

Have you ever said, “I wish I had that on video”? With meMINI, you’re always just one button press away from storing that memory forever. meMINI is a little camera you can wear on your clothing or a bagstrap. When something happens that you want to save, just press the button and meMINI will save the last thing it saw (up to 5 minutes depending on settings).


meMINI Kickstarter Image – meMINI

Have you heard of Kickstarter before? What was your favorite product from this list? Let us know in the comments!


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