The How-To’s of Atomic Learning

The How-To’s of Atomic Learning

By now you have probably heard the phrase “Atomic Learning” floating around campus. So, what exactly is Atomic Learning and how do you use it?

Atomic Learning is an online collection of instructional videos on common computer applications and tasks. You can find videos on everything from Photoshop, to formatting a paper, to using a spreadsheet, and even blogging!

The key to accessing Atomic Learning is Blackboard. By accessing the Atomic Learning module on your Blackboard page, you are automatically taken to the site and logged into your personal account.

Once at the Atomic Learning site, you can search by keywords, application, topic, or type of video.

Videos come grouped in tutorial series.

Within the tutorials, the videos have subgroups.

Clicking on a video pulls up the player window.


How to use the player window:

1.       Navigate between videos in the tutorial group

2.       View the entire tutorial group to check your progress or navigate to a specific video

3.       Generates a URL you can use to share the video on other sites

4.       Adding a video to your favorites makes it easy to find it again later

5.       Ask Atomic Learning – use this feature to submit a question to the Atomic Learning team if you   have a problem with a video

6.       The video bar allows you to play/pause the video, view video time elapsed/remaining, and access volume controls. It is also possible to play/pause the video by clicking inside the video viewing window.

Congratulations! You are now on your way to accessing one of the most helpful online resources available to you!


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