Copying and printing at Meredith

At some point every student needs to make a copy or print a paper.  It is important to know where to find these machines and how you can save the most money.  There are so many options here at Meredith College for these types of jobs.  Meredith has black and white printers, colored printers, and the Copy Center.

B&W/Color printers

Printers can be found in almost every building. New freshman and transfer students are given $5.00 for printing money.  After this amount has been used up students have to put money on their CamCard.  The cost of printing varies, but a single black and white page costs $0.05 and a single color page costs $0.35.

If there is an issue with the printers, please call (919) 760-2323.

Copy Center

For more of a high-end print or copy job, Meredith’s Copy Center provides great service at a discounted price.  Students can have posters and other material printed for presentations and clubs.  This center is also perfect if copies need to be done in bulk.  There are two major services that are performed at the center: Quick Copy and Auxiliary Services.

  • Quick Copy is an expedited service for jobs that need to be completed within 8 business hours. Charges vary based on the paper size and time span needed.  Make sure your request can be accommodated.
  • Auxiliary Services includes folding, machine stapling, hand stapling, collating, booklet folding/stapling, padding, three-hope drilling, cutting, spiral bind, paste-up, and coil binding.

There are also different types of paper offered:

  • Provided Paper – Letter/legal and tabloid are standard paper types used by the Center.  Checking with the Center staff before submitting paper for jobs is required.  There is not price break for provided paper.
  • Special Paper Orders – A minimum order is required for a special paper not currently stocked by the Center.  Delivery could take a few days.
  • Custom Paper – NCR paper in two-part, three-part and four-part forms are available.  Setup and printing of tabs is available.

There are two ways to request a job:


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