Fun Academic Apps For You To Use This Semester

A new semester is starting and so it’s time to start fresh and prepare for new classes. Here are a few fun academic apps to help you get back into the swing of things on campus.

Blackboard mobile     Devices: IOS and Android     Price: Free

         This is a great app to use here at Meredith. Get notified about grades or new updates without having to pull out your computer. You are also able to view documents posted onto your account.

CampusDish               Devices: IOS and Android      Price: Free

         Do you know what you are having for dinner at Meredith before you go? Well this app provides menus for both the Beehive Café and the Belk Dining Hall. This app also provides operational hours of each location, as well as the nutritional information of the food provided. This is a great way to help prevent an unwanted card swipe on a limited meal plan.

StudyBlue                    Devices: IOS and Android     Price: Free

         This app is a great way to study terms and images. You are able to make flashcards and take them everywhere you go. Have some downtime? Study your flashcards or ones others have posted. Find out who in your class is also using the app and collaborate with them by sending them a message. There is a new quiz mode to help further studying.

Duolingo                   Devices: IOS and Android     Price: Free

         Want to study for your foreign language class but also have fun doing it? This app teaches all the foreign languages offered here at Meredith, except for Chinese, through a game-like design. You listen to how the words are pronounced, type out sentences, and can pronounce the words into a microphone. The material is divided up into smaller topics to maintain focus, which can also be helpful when you are trying to study a specific topic discussed in class. It is a great way to refresh your memory or learn a new language.

CamScanner            Devices: IOS and Android     Price: $4.99

         This awesome app allows you to scan a paper, receipt, whiteboard, etc. with your camera and put it into a file. This file can be uploaded later onto your computer through Google Drive. The file will be saved as either a PDF or a picture (JPEG). This is a great way to back up your notes or send them to a friend or turn in a paper to your teacher. There is no need to go and find a copier; you can do it all sitting in your room. What is even better about this app is that you can mark on the document within the app, such as highlighting or underlining, and search through documents you have already taken a picture of.

Any.Do and Cal            Devices: IOS and Android     Price: Free
Yes there is already a to-do list and calendar on your phone. They work wonderfully and are really helpful to use. Any.Do and Cal, though, work together to help you keep things straight and have a much more attractive appearance. These easy-to-use apps allow you to keep track of important events and due dates. You can connect through Facebook to tag friends in upcoming events. What’s more, if your computer has Chrome, you can download the Any.Do app on there and connect it to your Gmail account for email updates. You cannot, though, edit your list or calendar from your computer, like you could the pre-programed calendar app. The Any.Do app is for both IOS and Android. The Cal app unfortunately is only for IOS at the moment but they are currently working on making an Android version.

One thought on “Fun Academic Apps For You To Use This Semester

  1. A really good app is also my study life. You a download it to a phone, table, or computer. You can also access it from the Web. It will sync across devises and organizes your classes and homework.

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