Hello, and welcome to Hi-Tech Halos Blog site. We are the Meredith College Technology Department here to help you stay active and savvy on the newest technology available. We are also here to give you tips and tutorials on how to use many programs that seem like a whole new world to you.

But first, let us tell you all about the cool and adventurous things we have to offer that will help you reach your goals.

Did you know that Atomic Learning isn’t just a boring school site? It actually helps you with whatever you need like — Photoshop, APA or MLA formatting, Microsoft Illustrator, Powerpoint, Apple programs and products, Camtasia and so much more! Just type in whatever you need and you can be sure to find it.

Atomic Learning isn’t the only program we have to offer — we also have a Twitter to give you quick tips to browse over whenever you have the chance. If you follow @meredithtech, you will be sure to find quick useful tips about technology that you have a need to know or will someday encounter. Follow us on there for a chance to win great prizes — weekly!

Let’s not forget about Techie Cafe where you can find appetizers of every sort, entrees of your pleasing, and sweet scrumptious desserts that melt in your mouth. Did I fool you? Of course we aren’t talking about real deserts, but we are talking about exciting and “delicious” helpful tools to help you through the school year. We have printing tools, Gmail help, Blackboard  tips, Camcard usage help, and much much more!

Visit our Twitter page and come back again soon to see more of Hi-Tech Halos!

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