My Study Life


Today, I am about to make your College life simpler than ever before. College can be a time of severe stress, anxiety and panic. However, such a life can be made easier by just organizing your 1 billion items of to-do’s into a tidy system called: scheduling.  But, not many of us can organize and schedule like master pros. That is why we need apps. One app, out of the many apps available, is called “My Study Life.”

My Study Life is a FREE app designed to make your college life easier than ever before. You can access this app from your computer, from your phone, or any tablet that you have available. Once you put an item into any of these devices, you can access that information in all of the devices.

This is the homepage: you can get started here. Follow this URL:


So, here is how it works. Once you log into your account you have many options to choose from. You can:

1. Insert your class schedule and manage your classes

2. Put in your homework assignments and tasks for each class

3. Put in important exam dates and times

4. Be notified by the app when you have assignments coming up.

Now, get rid of all the paper planners because you can access everything from all of the devices listed below.


Here are a few images for you so you can see how the app looks



All you have to do to get started is follow this link:

Tech Fair 101


Hello Angels! It’s that time of year again, time for the Tech Fair! Some of you may remember the awesome Tech Fair activities from last year, but if not here’s a quick run-down on what to look forward to:

Tech Fair picstitchThe Tech Fair is a time when Technology Services helps you learn about all the exciting things going on with technology around campus. There are fun games and activities to participate in, which earn you tickets!

Tickets can be used to get yummy food like cotton candy, lemonade, popcorn, and corndogs! They can also be used to win awesome prizes like tshirts, pens, gift cards, and our two big prizes: a new camera and this awesome Meredith pillow!

Meredith PillowThe Tech Fair this year will also count as an Academic/Cultural event for General Education.

It’s going to be a ton of fun, so come on out for this year’s Tech Fair on September 30th from 11-2 in 2nd Cate!

Rumor Roundabouts — The Iphone 6


As you all know, or at least Mega-Apple fans know, the Iphone 6 is scheduled to have it’s debut/release date on the supposed date of September 19th. There are many rumors as to what the Iphone 6 will look like and what is projected for its future. To narrow down the several rumors, we are going to list some of the changes and possibilities that might be associated with the Iphone 6. 

1. A hardware redesign. Based on what we know, Apple continually changes its hardware, its exterior, and/or its outer look. Which means, we should have a newer design coming with the Iphone 6. Many speculate that the Iphone 6 will have a “Sapphire Crystal” front screen. This is said to be the hardest, and most durable screen than Apple has ever made; thus, making it  harder to scratch and/or break. 

Watch this video for a demonstration on how hard it is to break the rumored Iphone 6 screen:

2. Two sets of Iphone 6’s — two different sized screens. There is also a report that the Iphone 6 will have a choice of two screen sets. A. 4.7 inch version and B. 5.5 inch version. The 5.5 inch version may not come out until a later date, but other unidentifiable sources says that it might. However, the new screens, and the new sizes also comes with a thinner model. Check this video to compare older Iphones to the Iphone 6.

Keep in touch for more Iphone 6 rumor roundabouts. 


Welcome Back Angels!


Welcome back Angels and congratulations on completing the first full week of classes for the new school year!

Your Hi-Tech Halo team is here again to give you another year full of tips, info, and tech news, so follow us here and on Twitter @meredithtech to keep up-to-date!

If you need help with your NetID, your email, your passwords, or information on how to download Office 365, come visit us in the Noel House behind BDH. If you’re having trouble printing, make sure to download the print drivers (instructions!) and if you’re still having trouble, come on by and we’ll be happy to help!

Here’s to another year as Meredith Angels who are:

going strong

Print Drivers, Print Drivers! Get ‘em While They’re Hot!


It’s that time of year again – finals week! That’s right Angels, the school year is coming to a close. We know you must be as excited as we are – the end is in sight, and summer vacation is so close you can smell it. But wait, you still have a paper due before you can be free. Well that’s fine, you’ll get it done in time, but how will you print it?

If you want to use the Meredith printers around campus and in the dorms, you need to download the proper print drivers! Drivers are little pieces of software that act like a translator to help your computer and the printer talk to each other. If the drivers on your computer are out of date, it can’t communicate with the printer.

No worries! Follow these simple steps to download the latest print drivers:

Step 1:  Log into your MyMeredith account.


Step 2:  Once you are logged in, click on the tab called Copy Center


Step 3:  Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see a section called Print Drivers.  You will need to either click Windows Drivers or Mac Drivers depending on what type of computer you have.


Step 4:  After you have clicked one of the two links a new page will open up with several print driver options. Choose “MC Printer install 2013″ – click on the words to begin.

Step 5: Save the file. If it does not automatically begin running, click on the file in your downloads to begin.


   Step 6: Select “Yes” when prompted, then “Install” to begin installing.

Step 7: When the installation is complete, select “Finish”.

Congratulations! You now have the most up-to-date print drivers for the Meredith printers! This is the best way to always get the latest updates, so check back if you suspect yours are no longer correct.

How-To: Change Your Net Password


It’s what we’ve all been waiting for: Net IDs have arrived! That’s right, as of April 16th, your username and password for WebAdvisor, MyMeredith, the Copy Center, Elucian Go, and Course Eval are one and the same, and are known as your Net ID and Net password.

Your Net ID is the first part of your Meredith email address. Your Net ID password was either set by you earlier in WebAdvisor, or emailed to you in April by Tech Services. If you did not set your password and did not receive an email, come by the help desk with your camcard.

So, now that you have your Net password, how do you manage it? What if you want to change it? What if you completely forget what it is? Go to:!

jvfvfykyukHere you can reset your password if you have forgotten it or just change it to something new! Click the first button if you need to reset your password, and the bottom if you know your password and just want to manage.

I’m an Employee – What Should I Do on April 16th?


We’ve talked a lot about what students should expect on April 16th, but what about employees? Will they be affected at all? The answer – yes!

NetIDs and Net Passwords will go into effect for all employees on April 16th. Accounts affected will include Web Advisor, MyMeredith/Blackboard, and Course Eval. Here is a quick look at which accounts will use which logins:


NetID and Net password:

  • Meredith Gmail –
  • Web Advisor –
  • MyMeredith/Blackboard –
  • VPN – Installed on computer
  • Informer –
  • Course Eval –
  • Copy Center –
  • Ellucian Go! – Mobile app
  • Change NetID Password –

NetID and password set by user:

  • Datatel Colleague –

Email address and password set by user:

  • ManageMyID –


Don’t think you know your NetID info? You do! Your NetID is the portion before the @ in your Meredith email, and you are currently using your Net Password for email, Informer, and VPN. If you have issues or still do not know your NetID login information, come to the helpdesk with a photo ID.