Meredith Photo Contest!


Alright angels, time to let your inner photographer shine!

We are having a photo contest looking for photos that celebrate the beauty of Meredith! Entering this contest gives you a chance to win a prize and your photo displayed on the Ellucian GO mobile app home page for everyone to see!

Contest is open to all CURRENT Meredith College students.

Official Rules:

  • How to enter: Email your photo to with a subject of photo contest. Please include your name and student ID number in your email. All entries should be submitted by midnight on November 16, 2014. Photos should be submitted in JPEG format. Only photos taken on the Meredith College campus will be considered.
  • Winner and Award: Photos will be judged on how well it portrays Meredith College (include something specific to Meredith College like a building, landmark or logo). Judges from the Office of Technology Services will determine the winner. All decisions are final. Winners will be notified by email. The winning photograph will be displayed on the Ellucian GO home page for at least one month. The winner will also receive a $25 Target gift card.

By submitting a photograph, the entrant agrees to the following terms:

  • The Entrant represents, acknowledges, and warrants that the submitted Photograph is an original work created solely by the entrant and that no other party has any right, title, claim, or interest in the Photograph.
  • Each contest entrant grants Meredith College the right to display their Photograph on any Meredith College web site, social media or application. Winners hereby grant Meredith College a royalty-free license, without geographic or time limitation, to display photographs for promotional or advertising related purposes in any and all media. The use of photographs after the contest is completed for advertising and promotional purposes may or may not include the entrant’s name.
  • If the winning photo contains other students and they have not previously signed a photo release form, the entrant will be responsible for getting the forms signed before the photo is posted.

That’s it! So get to it ladies, show us your creativity and the beauty of this wonderful campus!

Selfie Photo Editing Apps!


Hello Angels! We know how much you love taking selfies! (Or artsy pictures, or silly pictures, don’t lie we know it’s taking up most of your phone’s memory!)

If you’re taking all those pictures and not doing anything with them, you’re missing out! Check out these free photo editing apps to have a little more fun. To help with this post, our lovely beaver friend has agreed to model:


1. Aviary

Aviary is a nice editing app with a lot of the features you would expect it to have. You can add filters, stickers, and frames of course, but you can also adjust the focus, add text, draw on the pictures, and even use the “splash” feature to pick one color to keep while the rest is greyscale!

Mr. Beaver is here showing off Aviary’s focus feature, a sticker, and the “splash” feature we mentioned before. Isn’t he sweet?


2. PhotoWonder

This might be the silliest app we have on this list. PhotoWonder can be used a lot like photoshop to lengthen your legs, clean up blemishes, and add makeup including contact lenses. However, the rest of the app’s features are hard to use seriously. It has a range of funny stickers including cheese and devil horns, and some silly effects and frames.

Oh Mr. Beaver! What beautiful eyes you have! Here we see in makeup, with a fun effect and frame. He also had some slight bodywork done, see if you can tell the difference!


3. PopAGraph

This is my personal favorite of all the apps on the list today. It has much of the standard stuff such as frames, effects, and text, but it has one really unique feature. PopAGraph allows you to select part of the photograph to “lift” and bring to the foreground of your picture, and you can add effects separately from the background!

Mr. Beaver was, of course, chosen to be “lifted” from the rest of the picture, and had a sepia effect placed on him. The background of the picture was placed under another effect with a frame, from which Mr. Beaver pops out! It’s a really neat effect that could be used for so many things.


That’s it for now! We hope you can use some of these apps to make your landscape photographs even more beautiful. Or just to put a sunglasses sticker on your selfie, we don’t judge.

Robotic Humans – Are we Losing Humanity?


It seems to me that I-Robot, a popular Post-Apocalyptic, Sci-fi  mystery movie starring Will Smith, is becoming more realistic than any one has ever imagined.

PicMonkey Collage

Above is a collage of various robotics that has been invented, in use, and on display since the 2000’s. The life-like robots displayed above are those invented from 2013 and continuing on into today.

Most all humanoid robots that are used use technology originally developed for car-welding factory robots. These robots are ultra-rigid metal bodies driven by super-precise electric motors. Yet, today, these old methods are no longer useful, at least not for human-like robots. A humans muscle movement is so precise that a rigid robot cannot possibly mimic such movement with the use of a solid metal robotic system. However, tyhe ideas to make humans look so life-like and real can be accredited to professor Hiroshi Ishiguro of Osaka University. He has been testing, building and creating robots for decades and with technological and mechanical advancement, his dreams and ideas are literally coming to life.

Hiroshi Ishiguo has create three robots: youthful-looking Kodomoroid, the adult female Ontonaroid, and the baby-like Telenoid.

PicMonkey Collage2

1) The youthful looking Kodomoroid robot

2) The adult female Ontonaraiod

3) The baby-like Telenoid

Regardless of the look and feel of these robots, these robots are still a far away’s away from becoming anything from human. But, before we dive any further, we feel it necessary to show you the mechanics behind such science and technology.

Below you will find a video on muscle movement of the mouth for humanoid robotics — a process much more difficult than one can imagine.

This is only one segment out of thousands of segments needed to create a moving and functional robot. However, like humans, robots have several components that resemble its body and inner mechanical system including:

  • A body structure
  • A muscle system to move the body structure
  • A sensory system that receives information about the body
  • A sensory system receiving information about the environment
  • A power source to activate the muscles and sensors
  • A brain system that processes sensory information and tells the muscles what to do

Yet, out of all these parts, to keep it simple, they are replaced by technology including: actuators, electrical circuits, valves, piston cylinders, and the like.

Here is one robot — his name is Jules.

Here is a baby robot who has learned to express emotion. This robot is currently in the works at the University of California in San Diego. This baby is meant to help children with special needs during therapy sessions.

This is only a glimpse at what technology has come up with since the dawn of its existence.

Do you think humanoid robots should become funded research  or do you think we should stop research for sake of the human population? 

Tell us what you think by commenting on our blog below. 

The Smart Seat Cushion


On Sunday, Digital Trends revealed an exciting new invention which may come in handy to the students and faculty of Meredith! Sadly, the new device cannot be purchased yet but certainly acquires features to anticipate its release. Over the past couple of years, Palo Alto-based startup Darma Inc. has been in the process of creating a small cushion that sits between you and your desk chair. The cushion’s purpose is to monitor your position, posture, heart rate, respiration rate, and movement. In doing this, it can discern between when you’re slouching or postured, as well as, when you are calm or stressed out. Upon discovery of your position and mood, the cushion is able to send notifications to your phone of suggested methods to improve. This could come in handy to those of us that spend hours in front of computer screens doing homework, in class, or faculty members who sit at their desk for long periods of time. Stay poised and healthy, Meredith!

Read more:

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iPhone Craze


It almost seems as if the world has gone crazy over the new and improved, thinner and larger, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. In fact, when looking at statistics, this years iPhone sold over 10 million phones without the help of the Chinese market. That is more than what the iPhone 5s sold just one year before (9 million iPhone’s), and all the sales happened within a matter of 3 days. In fact, so many sales were happening when the pre-order date was set that Apple’s website crashed.

Despite the price, many apple users are leaning toward the iPhone 6. It seems in this generation of tech users that larger phones are preferred, even though only a decade ago they were considered “hard to handle” and were heavily scrutinized. In its favor, the iPhone 6 plus is the thinnest large display phone on the market at only 7.1 mm in thickness.

The iPhone has come a long way. Amazingly, it has only been 7 years since the first iPhone was released in 2007. The original iPhone was only 4.5 inches tall (as compared to iPhone 6 at 5.44 inches and iPhone 6 Plus at 6.22 inches), but was 11.6 mm thick, over 4mm thicker than the 6 Plus.

The new iPhones have some impressive features, but we’ll have to wait to find out if the iPhone craze continues, or burns out as fast as it came.

Image: Apple

Image: Apple

My Study Life


Today, I am about to make your College life simpler than ever before. College can be a time of severe stress, anxiety and panic. However, such a life can be made easier by just organizing your 1 billion items of to-do’s into a tidy system called: scheduling.  But, not many of us can organize and schedule like master pros. That is why we need apps. One app, out of the many apps available, is called “My Study Life.”

My Study Life is a FREE app designed to make your college life easier than ever before. You can access this app from your computer, from your phone, or any tablet that you have available. Once you put an item into any of these devices, you can access that information in all of the devices.

This is the homepage: you can get started here. Follow this URL:


So, here is how it works. Once you log into your account you have many options to choose from. You can:

1. Insert your class schedule and manage your classes

2. Put in your homework assignments and tasks for each class

3. Put in important exam dates and times

4. Be notified by the app when you have assignments coming up.

Now, get rid of all the paper planners because you can access everything from all of the devices listed below.


Here are a few images for you so you can see how the app looks



All you have to do to get started is follow this link: